Core Values

Every Church has to have some values that drive how they make decisions, what they are striving to be, and how they are going to be that.  Here are ours.

  • Authenticity

    We don't believe that anyone is perfect.  We believe that Jesus is, and He draws us to be completely open and honest about who we are.  At New City Church, we don't pretend to be perfect - we all struggle.  So we are authentic in what we do, and who we are. 

  • Relational

    Jesus walked the earth speaking and teaching thousands of people, but he poured His life into 12.  We believe that life should be shared with each other.  Our struggles, joys, tears, and fears so that we are all walking together toward Him.

  • Diversity

    The kingdom of God is made up of all kinds of people across the globe!  All people, regardless of race, economic standing, or community, are included in God's family.  New City Church strives to embrace the entirety of God's family.

  • Community

    Community is what the church is.  Men, women, and children, coming together, sharing life together.  Helping each other, and loving each other as Jesus loves us.  At New City Church, we believe in the power and purpose of community.

  • Empowering

    As we are all people that need much more that ourselves to thrive, we believe in the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  To equip us for the work of ministry.  To guide us through life's many struggles, and to give us strength, knowledge, and power to spread the gospel.

  • Mission

    At New City Church we believe in the literal command of Jesus to, "Go forth and make disciples, of all nations."  Our purpose as a church, in our daily lives is to live that out.  Spreading the Gospel throughout the city, by our words, actions, relationships, and deeds.